вторник, 6 октября 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Misic - Victory Day (Live at Systo festival, May,9 2009)

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International team of everything that's magical and unicellular celebrates Victory Day at electronic-trance-rave-pagan-roots festival
Systo-Palkino held by Space-of-Joy

Rock that galvanizes even acid-hipsters!

Magical Unicellular Music 6 - Sobaka (The Dog) - 2009

Собака (39 мб)

And now I wanna be your dog!
And now I wanna be your frog!!

New rehearsal bootleg mono record from partzan guerilla Belorussian forests

Eat the nazis!!!

Magical Unicellular Music 3 - Kampuchea, my Kampuchea

‘Kampuchea My Kampuchea’ album was recorded in Minsk by the V.O.M. 3 fraction.

This incarnation's instrumental lineup (drums, radio receiver, guitar) is remarkable for the fact of containing three instruments that create absolutely individual sound ambience each, guitar being a tonal instrument, drums - rhythmic, receiver – noise-producing. Their mutual independence adds a wider scope of mobility and dynamic pressure to the sound of the band.

понедельник, 6 апреля 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Music - Камень (Kamen’) -2CD + single


Double CD album:

Kamen’. Part I. V.O.M.5 (Minsk)

Kamen’. Part II. V.O.M.4 (Moscow)

+bonus: (Kamen’) - single

Kamen' (Stone)- is the most ambitious record of Magical Unicellular Music so far, released as a deluxe double CD by Objective Music/Otdelenye Vyhod in Russia and recently set free to the web by Clinical Archives net label. Minsk and Moscow outfits delivered delicious unicellular material for each of the discs. Though the initial musical concepts was the same, result is quite different in appearing musical structure and impression. Download the hidden stones from Solntsetsvety japanese garden!



пятница, 20 марта 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Music 4 - Live in DOM


Live in DOM, 18.09.2008


Fabulous live "mono" record of Magical Unicelluler Musci 4 (Moscow) in DOM underground high-arty-farty music club-pub. Have you ever heard Faust eating his beard?

Magical Unicellular Music 4 - The Peel Session (2009)

The Peel Session is another live document of Moscow's V.O.M.4 on the top of it's powers - here running on devastating grind energy

The Peel Session

Dedicated to John Peel and his famous BBC sessions


суббота, 17 января 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Music 4 - Inconceivable (2009)

The latest Opus Magnum of Magical Unicellular Music was recorded on 08.08.08 (dauy of Russia -Georgia-Osetian war started) at "Snegiri" studio in Moscow. It implements not a regular groove only but a big architectural form of dynamic development created together with noise wizard Lampi from Minsk, famous Bimka from St-Petersburg, playing with his fingers on the naked electronics boards and Bad Seed on sax. A finest event in a Magical Unicellular Music so far.

вторник, 13 января 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Music 1 - Spring of Light (2005)

First incarnation of Magical Unicellular Music emerged in Minsk in 2005. With the "Spring of Light" Solntsetsvety, alredy notorious for different underground and psychodelic actions in Belarus, have started the new movent now buzzling on the international scale.

An experiment has a good result - now you can dig an idea and go form a local Magical Unicellular Music band in your city.


суббота, 10 января 2009 г.


Stunning live performance of Moscow branch of Magical Unicellar Music in GES-21 (Gallery of Experimental Sound), St-Petersburg, 11-12-2008

V.O.M. 4 was joined by an orchestra of local brass and sax players gathered by Max Bimka.

ROMAN & SYBARITS - Musical Summer 2007 EP

Seminal EP of psychofolk department of Solntsetsvety - "Sybarits" based in Korolev city near Moscow - right behind the russian Space Flights Control Center.
Four monumental tracks give birth of etnofolk style -
world music for the global village with no borders.

(download 30 mb)

пятница, 9 января 2009 г.


The latest record from the Minsk department of Magical Unicellular Music - astonishing double album "Nganga Delta" setting a new level for all that is magical, unicellular or musical. Have you ever heard 70+ minute rock'n'roll tune? It's just a click away...

В.О.М. V

disc one
disc two