вторник, 6 октября 2009 г.

Magical Unicellular Misic - Victory Day (Live at Systo festival, May,9 2009)

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International team of everything that's magical and unicellular celebrates Victory Day at electronic-trance-rave-pagan-roots festival
Systo-Palkino held by Space-of-Joy

Rock that galvanizes even acid-hipsters!

Magical Unicellular Music 6 - Sobaka (The Dog) - 2009

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And now I wanna be your dog!
And now I wanna be your frog!!

New rehearsal bootleg mono record from partzan guerilla Belorussian forests

Eat the nazis!!!

Magical Unicellular Music 3 - Kampuchea, my Kampuchea

‘Kampuchea My Kampuchea’ album was recorded in Minsk by the V.O.M. 3 fraction.

This incarnation's instrumental lineup (drums, radio receiver, guitar) is remarkable for the fact of containing three instruments that create absolutely individual sound ambience each, guitar being a tonal instrument, drums - rhythmic, receiver – noise-producing. Their mutual independence adds a wider scope of mobility and dynamic pressure to the sound of the band.